Trump Furry Hair Socks

These socks are TRUMP APPROVED!!

The Official funny sock of Trump's 2020 Campaign is here! Made famous by Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser (see picture), these socks are available to you now!

Get a laugh from your friends and coworkers with these hilariously entertaining Trump socks!

Available in Navy Blue, Trump's favorite suit color adorned with a red tie, of course.

Product Features

Size: One size fits all. US Men: sizes 6-10. These socks will fit all feet. On smaller feet, they run a bit large, and on larger feet, they run a bit small, but in general, they will fit most feet.

Material: Tailored with high-quality cotton material, these socks are comfortable and durable. The hair is fine-to-the-touch and is attached with a strong adhesive strip.

Washing Recommendations: Machine wash is permitted. We highly recommend you do not machine dry these because it can damage the hair. We recommend you let these socks air dry so you can wear them over and over again!

Please allow 10-16 days after processing for shipping to complete!

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